Curious Tides

Curious Tides
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October 03, 2023
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Ninth House meets A Deadly Education in this gorgeous dark academia fantasy following a teen mage who must unravel the truth behind the secret society that may have been involved in her classmates’ deaths.

Emory might be a student at the prestigious Aldryn College for Lunar Magics, but her healing abilities have always been mediocre at best—until a treacherous night in the Dovermere sea caves leaves a group of her classmates dead and her as the only survivor. Now Emory is plagued by strange, impossible powers that no healer should possess.

Powers that would ruin her life if the wrong person were to discover them.

To gain control of these new abilities, Emory enlists the help of the school’s most reclusive student, Baz—a boy already well-versed in the deadly nature of darker magic, whose sister happened to be one of the drowned students and Emory’s best friend. Determined to find the truth behind the drownings and the cult-like secret society she’s convinced her classmates were involved in, Emory is faced with even more questions when the supposedly drowned students start washing ashore—alive—only for them each immediately to die horrible, magical deaths.

And Emory is not the only one seeking answers. When her new magic captures the society’s attention, she finds herself drawn into their world of privilege and power, all while wondering if the truth she’s searching for might lead her right back to Dovermere…to face the fate she was never meant to escape.

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Dark Academia Lunar Fantasy
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What I liked:
A unique magic system with the moon phases, a book that several characters are obsessed with finding a missing epilogue for, a college on the sea, and a secret society. Curious Tides is a duology, meaning all the ends should be tied up in the second book. Emory has always been a healer, but when certain events happen, she is empowered with this dangerous eclipse magic. Or is it as difficult as she has always been told? There is a lot to uncover in this book; the setting is unique as the college is based on the sea, and I don't think I read one where the magic system is based on the tides and phases of the moons.
Final Verdict:
Overall, it is a magic and mystery-filled young adult fantasy with a sprinkle of romance and dark academic deliciousness that will be hard to wait for the final book.
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