Champions of the Fox (Thieves of Shadow)

Champions of the Fox (Thieves of Shadow)
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November 07, 2023
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In this conclusion to the thrilling Thieves of Shadow series, bestselling author Kevin Sands delivers a jaw-dropping heist that sees five young thieves masterminding a prison break from the empire’s most impenetrable island fortress. Fans of The False Prince and Ocean’s Eleven will be mesmerized by this page-turning series filled with twists and turns.

Follow my instructions, and when our task is done, I will release you.”

Commanded by the magical artifact known as the Dragon’s Eye, junior con artist Callan and his friends are eagerly reaching the end of the epic quest that will finally free him from the Eye’s sinister hold. But their final task is their most ambitious: sneaking into the emperor’s private island prison and rescuing a man from a jail cell that has been locked tight for a hundred years. This impossible heist will strain the gang’s unique abilities to thieve and deceive everyone from the guards, the city elite, the warden, and even the nefarious local crime boss who warns them to stay away.

As the friends plan out their last and most difficult con job, Callan begins to question what they’re helping the Eye to achieve. Aided by magical hints and fitful dreams, Callan slowly uncovers the Eye’s true desires. To his horror, he realizes that he may be the one being conned all this time . . . and his mistake could cost the world’s entire existence.

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This book was the amazing finale of the trilogy that I hoped it would be. The sleek gaffs that Cal and his friends pull off are so fun and intricate. I love that they purposely lead the head crime boss, Mr. Fox into thinking they are bumbling idiots while they put all the pieces into place to pull off the biggest gaff in the most impossible of places.
The secrets that are revealed are everything that I had been dying to know for three books. Foxtail is a character that has made me crazy curious and often frustrated not to know why she is impervious to magic, so skilled, and has a weird faceplate. I can usually guess where an author is going with a character, but I truly did not expect what was revealed. Even secrets that I had not realized were secrets but were woven into the previous books all came together flawlessly and I was nothing but impressed at the author’s ability to make such a tight storyline.
Cal knows that the Eye of the Dragon is not telling him everything. This book reveals the Eye's plans and Cal realizes he has been the ultimate mark. He finds help in unexpected ways and from unexpected people. With literally the fate of the entire world at stake he must be at his top game to survive.
This series is perfect for fans who enjoy series such as Spy School, City Spies, and the Notorious Scarlett and Browne. Overall, it was an action-packed Ocean Elevens-style book full of intrigue and suspense perfect for Middle Grade audiences.

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