Carrimebac, the Town That Walked

Carrimebac, the Town That Walked
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March 08, 2022
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A stunning feat of original storytelling from the recipient of the 2018 John Steptoe New Talent Author Award

In a boldly transportive original tale, David Barclay Moore infuses history with wry folk wisdom, metaphorical power, and a splash of magic. The Civil War may be over, but times are not substantially improved for the freed Black citizens of Walkerton, Georgia, who are shunned by the white folks of the surrounding towns. One day, though, ol' Rootilla Redgums and her grandson, Julius Jefferson, arrive. Rootilla teaches the citizens of Walkerton how to make all sorts of beautiful things, and the white people can't get enough. But some aren't so happy. When a hooded mob threatens to burn down the town, Julius and Rootilla must work wonders to protect Walkerton and its people—even if it means moving heaven and earth itself. With exquisite cinematic illustrations by John Holyfield and a generous trim size, this portrait of Black endurance draws on the rhythms and traditions of African American storytelling to open a powerful window into the past.

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After the Civil War, former slaves are still living a hard life and struggling to get back on their feet. Including a small town in Georgia. At least they are until Rootilla Redgums and her grandson, Julius Jefferson, move in. Rootilla has a lot of knowledge to share with the townsfolk that make living a bit simpler. She also has a way with things, almost as if she possesses magic. Her grandson Julius befriends a duck named Woody and stops anyone from hurting him. In the end, Woody is the champion of the story as he tugs the town away from hateful, prying eyes.

CARRIMEBAC, THE TOWN THAT WALKED is a stunning and original African American folktale set in post Civil War era in a town in Georgia. The illustrations are beautifully detailed and depicts the emotions of the people extremely well. It touches on sensitive topics like racism and how not everyone reacts to change positively. It also portrays the ignorance of people who can't accept someone for being different. Julius is so sweet and I love how brave Rootilla is. They both aren't afraid to stand up for what's right.

Final Verdict: I would recommend CARRIMEBAC, THE TOWN THAT WALKED to fans of myths, history, and African American culture. The author brings magic to life on the pages of this book and I love the tale that's weaved.
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