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Rise of Break Dancing
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Breaking to the Beat encapsulates the history and the context around the rise of break-dancing in American culture. This is a timely book as it hits bookstores and libraries just before breaking makes its Olympic debut in Paris 2024. Our character Manolo is a composite of the experience of the dancers in the Bronx in the 1970s. The illustrations perfectly match the vibe of a chaotic urban landscape where the ones left behind take their minds off their troubles by having dance-offs and inventing new moves to impress their onlookers. Often misunderstood as violence and running the risk of police intervention these dance-offs caught outside attention and made their way to movies where they gained popularity in mainstream culture. This story is based on true events told with a semi-fictional character and gives a good background to the evolution of this dance style. The author does a nice job of explaining the context, terms, and evolution of break dancing making it easy for beginners while setting a tone of awe and respect for the craft. Overall, this was an informative read presented in an interesting way that passes the vibe check.
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