Middle Grade Review: Welcome to Dweeb Club (Betsy Uhrig)


About This Book:

For fans of Gordon Korman comes a hilarious, heartfelt middle grade adventure about a school club whose members stumble across video footage of themselves from five years in the future.

What if a school club changed your life forever?

In the second week of seventh grade, Jason Sloan signs up for the brand-new HAIR Club. He and his friends have no idea what it’s about, but since they’re the first to sign up they figure they’ll be in charge in no time. The club turns out to be super weird: using fancy new equipment donated by a mysterious benefactor, the members are supposed to monitor school security footage. Their first assignment: find out what is stealing the cafeteria’s croutons.

Instead of the expected dark cafeteria, the computers show the club members something else entirely: actual footage of themselves as high school seniors, five years in the future! What on earth could be happening? Is it some kind of time warp, or alternate reality? Or is it just an un-funny prank? As they scramble to solve the mystery, they can’t help but notice something else—none of them like what they see five years from now. Is there any way to change the future—and their fates?

Figuring out who you are and who you want to become has never been funnier in this laugh-out-loud romp through the perils of middle school—and beyond.



*Review Contributed by, Olivia Farr, Assistant Blog Manager & Staff Reviewer*

Humorous middle grade sci-fi
WELCOME TO DWEEB CLUB is a humorous middle grade sci-fi. Jason is a seventh grader in a school of Grades 7-12. When he sees a new club, H.A.I.R. Club (a mysterious acronym), his friend convinces him to join - since it's new, they'll be founding members and could be club presidents way before in any other club. Who cares what it's about?

As they are soon to learn, the club was created by a mysterious benefactor who donated a state-of-the-art security system to the school and required that they create a H.A.I.R. Club of students who will oversee the system. When they are trying to solve the mystery of the stolen croutons by locating the animal culprit, they stumble upon something strange. At midnight, the cameras show their futures as seniors in the cafeteria. What if they don't like what they see? Can it be changed?

What I loved: This book is told with a heapful of humor that keeps it very entertaining from start to finish. From the way the club begins to the members and the many strange acronyms of the company behind it all, there are many laugh-out-loud funny moments in the book. The book has a touch of mystery, some adventure, and plenty of sci-fi thought-provoking elements that keep readers engaged. The themes around the future, friendships, school, and family will resonate with middle grade readers who are finding their own places in life.

There are quite a few characters, and I really enjoyed being able to see more about them, including their families and siblings. The older sisters of some of the characters are particularly fun (such as Vincent's who had dared him to join every single club - which he did, including Crochet Club where he makes her a particularly ugly hat). It's fun to get the whole picture of some characters like this, and the humor expands with the families.

What left me wanting more: As a minor thing, there are a lot of people to keep track of in the book, and there are definitely a few places where you need to flip back and reread to remember specifics. I almost would have preferred a smaller group to follow, but it's still fun as-is.

Final verdict: Humorous and engaging, WELCOME TO DWEEB CLUB is a fun exploration of middle grade sci-fi themes, including who you want to be, friendship, and family. Highly recommend for middle school readers who love to laugh.

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