Always Jane

Always Jane
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March 29, 2022
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A chauffer’s daughter finds herself in the middle of a love triangle with the sons of her boss’s wealthy next-door neighbors in this delightfully romantic story from the author of Alex, Approximately, Jenn Bennett.

Love—and Fen Sarafian—do not care about your summer plans.

Eighteen-year-old chauffeur’s daughter Jane Marlow grew up among the domestic staff of a wealthy LA rock producer, within reach of bands she idolizes, but never a VIP. Every summer, Jane and her father head to the Sierras to work at the producer’s luxury lodge at Lake Condor—a resort town and the site of a major musical festival.

The legendary family who runs the festival are the Sarafians, and Jane’s had a longtime crush on their oldest son, Eddie—doltish but sweet. So, when a long-distance romance finally sparks between them, she doesn’t hesitate to cross class lines.

But Jane’s feelings for Eddie are thrown into question after she returns to the lake and reconnects with his alluringly intense brother, the dark horse of her placid summer plans. A fellow lover of music—and hater of the game—Fen Sarafian has been ousted from the family and is slumming it at a vinyl record shop. He burns for Jane like a house on fire and will do anything to sabotage his older brother, even if it means taking a wrecking ball to a multi-million-dollar music festival. Or Jane’s heart.

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Love Triangle Complicated by Aphasia
(Updated: June 23, 2022)
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After a near drowning accident, Jane finds herself dating her longtime crush Eddie. It's a long distance relationship, and he isn't the brightest person, but it's still almost like a dream come true for her. Especially when he starts talking about moving in together. After he leaves for a business trip, Jane travels with her dad and his boss, the famous rock producer Mad Dog, back to Lake Condor. The place where it all happened.

The accident left her with aphasia which makes it more difficult for Jane to express how she feels. Sometimes the word she wants to say falls from the tip of her tongue and doesn't come back. It's frustrating, especially when she returns to Lake Condor and is reminded of the accident.

Enter Fen, Eddie's brother. The real savior of Jane. While she doesn't remember him, Fen hasn't been able to get her out of his mind. Seeing her is like seeing a ghost that's been haunting him. The worst part is he didn't know she was dating his brother. His mother didn't either. Even though Eddie warned her to stay away from Fen, Jane finds herself questioning everything. Did Eddie really lie about saving her? Does he really care. Thrown into a love triangle, Jane must follow her heart while also sorting out the facts from fiction.

While I like the idea of a love triangle every now and then, the absence of Eddie is palpable and it steals a bit of forward momentum the drama should draw up. Fen I feel is sweet but a bit obsessive. Out of the three, Jane was by far my favorite character. The fact that she suffers from aphasia gives her some diversity while teaching people how much of a trouble these conditions can be. I love how while she gets frustrated with herself, she doesn't let it get her down. She knows who she is. Now, it's about figuring out those around her.

Final Verdict: ALWAYS JANE is a young adult contemporary novel with a love triangle and a main character who struggles to remember the accident that leaves her with aphasia. It's an easy read that I finished fairly quickly. I would recommend this to fans of contemporary romance and raising awareness to certain mental conditions like aphasia.
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