A Pretty Implausible Premise

A Pretty Implausible Premise
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September 26, 2023
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In this touching novel, Hattie and Presley’s instant connection seemed implausible—almost impossible—but falling in love is exactly what they needed to escape the ghosts of their pasts.
Head-spinning, Taylor-Swift-song-level feelings. Their instant connection seems implausible, even impossible, as they start to realize all they have in common. Both are grieving, living in worlds haunted by ghosts; both have a parent who's out of sight, not out of mind; and both were forced to give up their Olympic dreams. Connected by experiences only they understand, Hattie and Presley fall into a whirlwind romance—flirting at their workplace, sleeping side by side beneath the stars, ice skating to a playlist all their own. But like the wildfires surrounding their California town, the trauma that haunts them is unrelenting. Can they overcome their losses without losing each other? Or will their ghosts break them apart?

Perfect for fans of Nicola Yoon and Rachel Lynn Solomon, A Pretty Implausible Premise explores the power of a love beyond comprehension, and how seemingly implausible connections can be the ones we need the most. 

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Hattie has a lot on her plate. After her mom left, she feels like she's just holding out for her to return, but she and her dad rely on Taylor Swift to make it through each day. They bond over her music and it helps keep a smile on their faces. After a mistake, Hattie keeps seeing the ghost of a boy she couldn't save from drowning and has started to suffer from panic attacks. Feeling so unstable, she doesn't know how to deal but soon discovers she isn't the only one suffering from a loss.

Enter the new kid: Presley. He has his own trauma from the death of his brother. Everywhere he turns, Presley sees the ghost of his brother and even hears him speaking. A new school doesn't help, but then he meets Hattie. He recognizes that she has a ghost too and wants her to know she isn't alone. However, it's hard to help someone else when your own emotions are a complete mess. He barely knows how to talk to people without babbling incoherently, but can the two teens bond over their trauma or is it all too much?

A PRETTY IMPLAUSIBLE PREMISE is a young adult contemporary romance that's main focus is grief and loss. Honestly, this was a slow book and the two main characters don't really connect until almost halfway through. With that being said, it's worth sticking through to get to the beautiful ending. The plot is wrapped in sadness and deals with sensitive topics like death and being haunted by ghosts of memories. Moving on and continuing life is the most difficult when we suffer from a loss and the author dives into these emotions that we all will face at some point. The reader also gets a book within a book because Hattie relies on THE SHARK CLUB to get through her day.

Final Verdict: Overall, this was an interesting read because I've recently lost someone close to me and I could feel both of their pain. I would recommend this to fans of stories with emotional trauma, death, and romance. It teaches readers ways to push through the grief instead of trying to ignore it.
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