A Place For Vanishing

A Place For Vanishing
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January 16, 2024
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The house was supposed to be a fresh start. That's what Libby's mom said. And after Libby’s recent bipolar III diagnosis and the tragedy that preceded it, Libby knows she and her family need to find a new normal.

But Libby’s new home turns out to be anything but normal. Scores of bugs haunt its winding halls, towering stained-glass windows feature strange, insectile designs, and the garden teems with impossibly blue roses. And then there are the rumors. The locals, including the mysterious boy next door, tell stories about disappearances tied to the house, stretching back over a century to its first owners. Owners who supposedly hosted legendary masked séances on its grounds.

Libby’s mom refuses to hear anything that could derail their family’s perfect new beginning, but Libby knows better. The house is keeping secrets from her, and something tells her that the key to unlocking them lies in the eerie, bug-shaped masks hidden throughout the property.

We all wear masks—to hide our imperfections, to make us stronger and braver. But if Libby keeps hers on for too long, she might just lose herself—and everyone she loves.

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A Place For Vanishing
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What worked: Creepy gothic horror with insects, masks, and seances. The eerie backdrop with a family house of secrets is riveting. Add to this there's an element of not knowing if what Libby is witnessing is part of her bipolar disorder or the paranormal.

I was totally engaged in this ghostly tale. After some time in an institution, Libby's mother has them go back to an abandoned family home for a new start. At the very beginning, there's something sinister about the house. There's insect masks throughout the home and rumors of a medium who conducted seances there. Add to that mysterious blue roses that give off cloying scents but also seem to take over Libby's mother.

Fast-paced with very descriptive images of creepy bugs that have a paranormal essence. I shouted out more than a few times with Libby's encounters with the spirits that are trapped in decorative masks. There's grisly secrets behind the beauty of the roses and house. Also the attic scene is very vivid and creepy. Think life-sized exoskeleton of a cockroach. Yup, creepy.

The love interest Flynn has his own secret. Little by little he finds he's a part of the house as well. At first, he comes across as a stalker but later shows his true colors. Flynn becomes a reluctant ally but one that Libby needs to overcome the evil trapped within the house.

As someone who has close family members with bipolar disorder II, I admit, that I didn't know what cyclothymia was. Yes, not all those who have or know those who have bipolar disorder have the same experiences. I do though like how the author has Libby wonder if she's witnessing paranormal things or something else. That part was believable to me.

Chilling, spine-tinging horror where a girl finds a deadly secret in her house where not all is what it seems.
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