A is for Australian Reefs

A is for Australian Reefs
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June 13, 2023
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With vibrant hues and a treasure trove of fascinating facts, the creator of A Is for Australian Animals celebrates biodiversity among the sea creatures living in reefs along the shore.

Along the Australian coastline, underwater reefs are bustling with the most amazing sea creatures living on the planet. What can blow bubble rings and swim through them? What has teeth on its eyeballs? What creature makes itself nearly invisible to predators by using camouflage? What poops out sand? More than 25 percent of all sea creatures live in coral reefs, also called “rain forests of the sea.” This book introduces readers to everything from playful dolphins to deadly Irukandji jellyfish, leafy sea dragons to brainy octopuses, and walking sharks to whimsical-looking zebra seahorses. With gorgeous patterns and colors and substantial entries exploring each creature’s anatomy, diet, threats to survival, and more, Frané Lessac brings us a truly fascinating undersea exploration of the awe-inspiring Australian reefs.

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A is for Australian Reefs is a fun way to not only learn the alphabet, but about Australia's reefs, as well!
Each page starts with a letter from the alphabet, in order, and combines it with something from the reef.
A is for Australian reefs, G is for Great Barrier Reef, L for Leafy Sea Dragons.
Each letter/object has multiple facts about it. I loved reading all the different facts, especially about the octopus (it's one of my absolute favorite sea creatures!), and finding out things I hadn't known prior.

The illustrations are eye-catchingly vibrant. I love how you are experiencing not just the creature but its habitat as well.

I found this book to be useful now, with my younger children, but also believe this could be a fun resource for future projects during our homeschool adventures.
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