1,000 Facts About Space

1,000 Facts About Space
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December 06, 2022
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Did you know … that one of Saturn’s moons is so hollow it would float in water? That the largest known star is 3.69 billion times bigger than our sun? Or that Jupiter likely has diamonds floating in its clouds?

Explore dazzling facts about the vast expanse of space, from glowing stars billions of light-years away to supermassive exploding supernovas to rockets thundering into the unknown. This comprehensive book takes you on a mind-blowing tour of our unbelievable universe and is full of fascinating facts on topics such as space exploration, our solar system and galaxy, and beyond.

Expert astronomer Dean Regas―former host of PBS’s Star Gazers and astronomer of the Cincinnati Observatory―takes you on an incredible tour of facts about each planet in our solar system, dwarf planets, our sun and other stars, exoplanets, comets, asteroids, galaxies, space travel, and so much more. Hundreds of stunning photographs bring the facts to life.

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Just About Everything You Could Ever Want to Know About Space!
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There are kids like me, who love novels and don't really want to read things with pictures, and there are kids like my brother, who made it pretty much all the way to high school having only read the Guinness Book of World Records. This book literally has 1,000 facts about space, numbered and arranged by topics. There are facts about the first humans on the moon (#21- Alan Shepard played golf there!), 75 facts about twinking stars, and pages about weather in space, living in space, telescopes on earth and even information about UFOs and urban legends. If that isn't enough, there is even a timeline of space missions and a glossary in case one of the facts needs further explanation. Luckily, there is also a complete index in case you find a really cool fact and need help going back to it later to tell your friends!
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Illustrated with National Geographics rich collection of photographs, this is a well laid out book that organizes the facts visually with different colors of text boxes arranged on light or dark backgrounds. There are a lot of diffferent font styles and sizes used, but the text boxes help keep this from being overwhelming. Each two page spread has larger text giving the theme of the information on the page. I really liked the yellow, orange, and shades of blue color palette, which is shown on the cover as well.

While I personally would prefer a more narrative work, this is the perfect gift for a fact monster about to go on a car trip, as long as you can listen to several hours of having the book quoted to you! Like almanacs or the National Geographic collections of fun facts like Brain Candy: 500 Sweet Facts to Satisfy Your Curiosity, 1,000 Facts About Space has plenty of trivia to keep the most space obsessed reader gobbling up the pages. I would much rather give a book like this or Can't Get Enough Shark Stuff to readers who gravitate toward Ripley's Believe It Or Not books.
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