YABC’s Valentine’s Giveaway 2024 (Kids -Part 1)

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Themes include: Love of Family, Self, Friendship, Animals, Plants






Author: Nina Laden

Publisher: Paula Wiseman Books

Release Date: 1/2/24

A sparkling and tender picture book about all the things that are bright and loving in the world and fill our lives with joy.

From caring to hoping to peace to sharing, there are many ways to find joy in the everyday. Celebrate the things that make life wonderful and each day special. With stunning artwork, readers of all ages will find moments to treasure.

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Title: Lawrence & Sophia

Author: Doreen Cronin

Illustrator: Brian Cronin

Publisher: Penguin / Rock Pond Books

Release Date: 10/17/2023

By the author of Click, Clack, Moo and the illustrator of The Lost House, here is an utterly endearing story about venturing out of your comfort zone and overcoming anxiety to help a friend.

Lawrence stays close to home because “out there” is too big and loud. Sophia stays high up in the tree branches because “down there” is too dark and dangerous. When they meet and become friends, they find ways to enjoy each other’s company without leaving their own safe spots . . . until a storm comes, and both are so worried about the other that they are finally able to take a huge, scary leap into the unknown. Together they feel brave, and the future is suddenly a lot more interesting.

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Title: This Is The First Book I Will Read To You

Author: Francesco Sedita

Illustrator: Magenta Fox

Publisher: Penguin / Viking Books for Young Readers

Release Date: 5/2/2023

A new dad gets ready to share the love of reading with his baby for the first time.

It’s baby’s first story time and a new dad is excited to read to his child. He’s also a little nervous. Which book should he choose? And what if it doesn’t settle the baby to sleep? After bath time, picking out pj’s, and the perfect swaddle, it’s time to cuddle up to read together. And begins the special journey that only starts when a book is opened. Father and baby are transported to the soothing world of their story, sharing the special love of reading together for the first time. Filled with both tenderness and wonder, This Is the First Book I Will Read to You is the ultimate baby shower gift for book-loving parents and their newest readers.

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Title: A Boy and His Mirror

Author: Marchánt Davis

Illustrator: Keturah A. Bobo

Publisher: Penguin/ Nancy Paulsen Books

Release Date: 1/3/2023

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Title: Shark Princess

Author: Nidhi Chanani

Publisher: Penguin / Viking Books for Young Readers

Release Date: 9/13/2022

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Title: A Cup of Love: Relationship Goals for Kids

Author: Michael Todd

Publisher: WaterBrook

Release Date: Feb. 6, 2024

In his first children’s book, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Relationship Goals shares a tender story that helps kids understand how our families are strengthened by God’s love.

Drawing on key ideas from his #1 New York Times bestseller Relationship Goals, Pastor Michael Todd offers a fun and sweet tale about how developing a close relationship with God spills over into healthy relationships with our family and friends.

Seven-year-old Isabella loves spending time with her mom and dad, so she feels left out when they prepare to go on a date night without her. Her father brings her into the kitchen and uses the faucet, a pitcher, and cups of water to illustrate how God fills him and Isabella’s mom with love, and they pour love into each other by taking time for their relationship. Then all that love overflows onto their kids! When we make room for ourselves to be filled with God’s love and care for our most important relationships, nobody’s “cup of love” will run dry.

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Title: Jack the Runaway Terrier

Author: Gill McLean

Publisher: Jolly Fish Press/North Star Editions

Release Date: April 4, 2023

A tale of adventure, love, and redemption about a mischievous dog who bites off more than he can chew.

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Title: Holly and the Pittie Party

Author: Julian Frischherz

Illustrator: Leesh Li

Publisher: Jolly Fish Press/North Star Editions

Release Date: Jul 25, 2023

An abandoned pit bull pup roams the city in search of love and belonging while facing mistreatment and misconceptions about her breed.

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Title: The Bear and Her Book

Author: Frances Tosdevin

Illustrator: Sophia O’Connor

Publisher: Jolly Fish Press/North Star Editions

Release Date: Nov 7, 2023

A book-loving bear sets off to see the world and discovers the magical places that books can take her.

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Title: I Love Everything About Me

Author: Fatima Scipio, Illustrated by Paige Mason

Publisher: Little Lark Books

Release Date: 10/10/23

There are a million and seven things to love about you!

…your hair, no matter the ’do (or doesn’t do!)

…the colors you wear (from green to tangerine!)

…and the adventures you love (especially birthdays and bikes!)

Delight in all the neat, sweet, and amazingly off-beat things that make your child incredible. With bouncy rhymes by Fatima Scipio and delightful illustrations by Paige Mason, this bright, exuberant picture book is perfect for bedtimes, happy days, or times they need cheer. But most of all, I Love Everything About Me celebrates a child’s sense of adventure, curiosity, and just being their most amazing selves.

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Title: Baby’s First Love Story

Author: Stacy Abrams, Illustrated by Paige Mason

Publisher: Little Lark Books

Release Date: 10/10/23

An irresistible board book about love at first sight…and how babies can teach us everything we need to know about loving them—and even ourselves.

Celebrate the greatest love story of all time—the one you share with your baby!

Drawing clever parallels to the very best romance storylines, Baby’s First Love Story is a charming, vibrant, and endearingly tender celebration of the bond between baby and parent/caregiver. From the moment they arrive in this world and into your arms, they bring out our most loving, healthy selves.

From that unforgettable first “meet-cute,” to discovering that irresistible bond, and even your first fight (because treats!), stylish and inclusive illustrations celebrate every aspect of this undeniably pure love story…from start until happily ever after.

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Title: Love Grows

Author: Ruth Spiro

Illustrator: by Lucy Ruth Cummins

Publisher: HarperCollins/Harper

Release Date: 12/26/23

A delightful celebration of family, plants, and the boundlessness of love told in lively, poetic letters from aunt to niece with bright, irresistible illustrations!

Every month, an aunt mails a letter and a houseplant to her niece and . . . LOVE GROWS!

I’m sending this pothos, so while we’re apart, you’ll look at its leaves and know you’re in my heart.

In the vein of We Are the Gardeners and Dear Girl, this beautiful story is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, graduation, and more! Young readers and gardeners will also love the sidebars on each spread with fun and informative facts about the plants.

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Title: I Love Your Face!
Author/Illustrator: Karma Wilson, AG Ford
Publisher: Orchard Books
Release Date: November 07, 2023

From New York Times bestselling duo Karma Wilson and AG Ford comes this sweet, read-aloud picture book that celebrates how utterly irresistible our litte ones are and how much we adore those beautiful faces!

I love your face, I really do!

Nobody has a face like you.

Your eyes, your ears, your button nose,

your chubby cheeks, I just love those.

You take me to my happy place.

Little one, I love your face.

From the top of their heads to the tip of their chins, there’s no better way to let your little one know how much you love everything about them — especially those beautiful faces! I Love Your Face combines a warm and playful message of love from bestelling author Karma Wilson with beautifully illustrated, multicultural babies by AG Ford, that all families will love to read and share together. Full of joy, heart, and adoration, this is the perfect gift for baby showers, new parents, or any occasion, and will beg to be read again and again alongside favorites like Guess How Much I Love You and I Love You, Stinky Face!

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Title: All We Need Is Love and a Really Soft Pillow!
Author/Illustrator: Peter H. Reynolds, Henry Rocket Reynolds
Publisher: Orchard Books
Release Date: October 03, 2023

A tender and timeless tale about what truly matters: LOVE — from creative visionary of The Word CollectorHappy Dreamer, and The Dot, #1 New York Times bestseller Peter H. Reynolds!

Poppy: All we need is love.

Little One: And a pillow.

Poppy: Yes, a pillow, but that is all we need.

This heartfelt celebration of love follows Poppy and Little One as they discuss all the things they need in life like a really good pillow or a roof over their heads but most important of all, love. Despite the challenges they face as a storm sweeps away their home, this duo never lose their optimism because in the end they know that all they truly need is love . . . and each other.

This tender, wholly original tale of all the ways we express and share love, from our most celebrated, bestselling creator Peter H. Reynolds, is a needed comfort and a new classic that will offer reassurance to readers of every age.

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Title: I Love You Even When You’re Crabby!
Author/Illustrator: Sandra Magsamen

Publisher: Cartwheel Books
Release Date: December 26, 2023

Let your little one know that even on their grumpiest days they are always loved with this colorful board book featuring shiny crab claws!

“I love you even when you’re crabby!”

Told with Sandra Magsamen’s signature message of love, this board book shows little ones that they are always loved, no matter how they feel or behave. Whether they’re feeling happy or a bit crabby and upset, the unconditional love that surrounds them never changes. Babies and toddlers will love holding, touching, and reading this playful board book featuring soft crab claws! The adorable, bright illustrations on every spread are sure to bring lots of smiles as young readers learn important lessons too. Perfect for parents and young readers to share on all-year-round, this adorable book is the hands-on pick for any caregiver and their lovable little one!

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