YABC Scavenger Hunt


Here at YABC, we are excited to announce our Scavenger Hunt, which will begin this Sunday, February 5th, at NOON EST and will close Sunday, February 19th, at NOON EST.  


You might be wondering what this entails, and we’re here to give you all of the rules, regulations, and reasons to join the Hunt!


The YABC Scavenger Hunt will feature close to forty posts worth of new content from some of your favorite authors.
Work your way through the posts and answer a question from each one in the entry form we’ve created (the link will go live when the posts dogo live). Now make sure all questions are answered, including those about mailing addrsses, etc. Any incompleted forms will be disqualified from entering the GRAND PRIZE!
For the GRAND PRIZE, five winners will receive a mystery box filled with ten books from the YABC prize shelf. This giveaway is international!  
And along the way, you might find that authors have offered their own giveaways!
Move from post to entry form and back to the posts with easy links that will be embedded for your convenience at the end of each post and within the entry forms. But remember, don’t submit to the GRAND PRIZE giveaway until the entire form has been completed or your entry will be disqualified.
We can’t wait until the Hunt begins this Sunday. Until then, share this with friends and fellow readers!  
Happy Hunting!