YA Review: Your Blood, My Bones (Kelly Andrew)

About This Book:

A seductively twisted romance about loyalty, fate, the lengths we go to hide the darkest parts of ourselves . . . and the people who love those parts most of all.
Wyatt Westlock has one plan for the farmhouse she’s just inherited — to burn it to the ground. But during her final walkthrough of her childhood home, she makes a shocking discovery in the basement — Peter, the boy she once considered her best friend, strung up in chains and left for dead.Unbeknownst to Wyatt, Peter has suffered hundreds of ritualistic deaths on her family’s property. Semi-immortal, Peter never remains dead for long, but he can’t really live, either. Not while he’s bound to the farm, locked in a cycle of grisly deaths and painful rebirths. There’s only one way for him to break free. He needs to end the Westlock line.

He needs to kill Wyatt.

With Wyatt’s parents gone, the spells protecting the property have begun to unravel, and dark, ancient forces gather in the nearby forest. The only way for Wyatt to repair the wards is to work with Peter — the one person who knows how to harness her volatile magic. But how can she trust a boy who’s sworn an oath to destroy her? When the past turns up to haunt them in the most unexpected way, they are forced to rely on one another to survive, or else tear each other apart.


*Review Contributed by Bethany Wicker, FB & X Manager, Staff Reviewer*

After Wyatt’s father passes away, she inherits her childhood home which is a place she hasn’t been back to in years. With the desire to burn it and all the memories down, she returns to the home but finds a most unexpected and twisted surprise. Peter, her childhood bestfriend and crush, is strung up in chains and he claims her blood is the only way to free him. Torn on what to do and needing answers, Wyatt stays, but soon finds herself unable to leave because of the dangers lurking in the forest.

Peter has suffered so much and is ready for peace. There’s an insatiable beast that he made a bargain with. If he kills Wyatt, he can finally go home and see his mother. But Wyatt isn’t some girl. She was his best friend too and even though the years have made him cold, he still struggles with indecision. When the third of trio arrives, things take a spin for the unimaginable. Wyatt learns that her childhood is full of lies and she questions what was real and what wasn’t. But one thing is certain. The three of them must work together to fight off the darkness and the beast.

YOUR BLOOD, MY BONES is a young adult fantasy romance with a horrific setting. Wyatt has always cried over everything and now that she’s older, she tries to remain cold. But secrets about her heritage explains why she’s the way she is. Peter does the same thing in a way as he tries to ignore his feelings for her. He views her as both his savior and his demise because it’s so hard for him to hurt her. Both characters share raw emotion and passion yet both want to hide it from each other.

When James enters the game, we get a lot more comedic relief in this somber setting and I adore him. He definitely completes them in a way only a best friend can. The twists in this book held my attention all the way through and I wonder if there’s going to be a follow up even though this one feels like it ends. I love the magical gothic feel and the darkness within these pages. The interactions between the characters are realistic and relatable despite the fantasy and magical themes.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to readers aged fourteen and older who enjoy horror, magic, fantasy, all with a dash of romance and friendship. It’s a unique read with lots of surprises and creepy vibes.

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