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I don't quite read that many contemporary books, as I prefer my novels to be for nothing less than escapism with dragons and space stations. But Wibberley's is an exception.

With and Without You by Emily Wibberley is an YA contemporary novel about the love story between Siena and Patrick, even miles and years span between them. Siena and Patrick are your classic high school sweethearts and voted to be couple most likely to get married. Only college quickly gets in their way. As Siena starts to think she doesn't want to be tied down to Patrick in her "transformative" years of college (*real life spoiler alert* it's not really.) But before she can break it off with him, he does it first with his family moving out of state. And like most YA novels, Siena falls for him all over again.

What I liked most about Wibberley's book, is how relatable the characters were presented. As there was no fluff when it came to writing about the 'High School' experience. The writing style was also quite easy, as it allowed my mind to unwind without the need to look up a fancy word every five seconds like I would with a fantasy or sci-fy novel. And the plot was quite sweet, even tooth-rottenly so.

Though, I do wish Wibberley did not quite start so bluntly. As the books opens with Siena immediately contemplating breaking up with Patrick. Which I get is the whole point of the book, but I'd prefer to see a little more build up between their characters before dropping that ball.

Overall, With and Without You is a decent read, if you're looking for something cozy and light. Do be warned, the characters can be quite whiney at times.
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