Welcome to Peculiar

Welcome to Peculiar
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May 30, 2023
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Twin witches-in-training get into mischief in the first four books in the charming Witches of Peculiar middle grade series that’s Wizards of Waverly Place meets Halloweentown—now together in one bewitching paperback bind-up!

There are monsters among us…and they’re just trying to survive middle school! In Peculiar, Pennsylvania, the supernatural kids attend Y.I.K.E.S.S.S. (Yvette I. Koffin’s Exceptional School for Supernatural Students), run by Yvette herself. From goblins to ghosts to werewolves and witches, the students learn the ins and outs of doling out the scares and blending in with the humans they live among.

Mostly, the system works, but there’s occasionally a young monster who shakes things up—a pubescent werewolf who displays some suspicious body hair on the community basketball court or a scatterbrained ghost who goes through a door instead of opening it. But Peculiar has never seen a potential PR disaster quite like the Maleficent twins!

While Bella and Donna’s magic is powerful, they don’t quite have a handle on their (witch)craft yet. Sixth grade puts them to the test as they attend a dance at the human school, play matchmaker for their principal, meet a clairvoyant, and more!

This magical paperback bind-up includes:
Double, Double, Twins and Trouble
Thriller Night
Monstrous Matchmakers
Glimpse the Future

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Welcome to Peculiar is the Collection of the first four books in the Peculiar Witches Series. I review each one below.

Book One
Double, Double introduces the twin sisters Bella and Donna, who have just started attending Y.I.K.E.S.S. (Yvette I. Kofffin's Exceptional School for Supernatural Students). What a mouthful, and as the name applies, you won't just meet witches in this story; you will encounter zombies, vampires, and wolves, to name a few. The twins meet two other students, and a series of fantastic comedy relief hijinks ensue.
Book Two:
What could be worse than two twin witches with hardly any control of the magic when they are invited to a human dance? It is a satisfying sequel to the first book, and keeping Y.I.K.E.S.S. and magic secret is most important. Middle-grade readers will relate as being an age group with issues with dances, let alone one with humans and supernatural creatures. Trying to keep a secret is complex, and the twins barely have control of their magic.
Book Three:
Twin sisters play matchmakers in the third book with the principal and the vice principal. It is a sweet 3rd book in the series that will keep you turning pages as the girls try their best to lead the two lovebirds to happily ever after. I love the crush aspect of this book, and the reality dating show inclusion! They were super cute! The mystery/strong friendships were also fantastic!
Book Four
What happens when the twins discover that they may have found a human who has a supernatural talent? When a psychic visits the school, the twins learn that being psychic is rare, making them question how Charlie has the ability. If he has the talent, he could be in grave danger. What can they do? This group does everything out of the goodness of their hearts.....okay maybe there is some self-motivation sometimes, but they are all lovable characters. Middle-grade readers will relate to loyalty as not wanting to rat someone out but also not wanting to get themselves in more trouble than they already have.
Final Verdict: This series is billed as Wizard of Waverly Place meets Halloweentown and is an excellent treat for those ready to give chapter books a whirl. Having all four books in one bindup makes it a valuable purchase as you have them all at one time.
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