Uncle John's Smell-O-Scopic Bathroom Reader for Kids Only!

Uncle John's Smell-O-Scopic Bathroom Reader for Kids Only!
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April 16, 2013
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It's wacky, fun, and easy to read! It's a whole new twist on learning! And it's For Kids Only — boys, girls, kids who like to read, kids who don't, kids with noses, nosey kids, kids who pick their noses...even grown up kids. Anyone who opens Uncle John's Smell-O-Scopic Bathroom Reader will find page after page of fascinating facts and tantalizing true stories about science, history, pop culture, sports, amazing kids, goofy grownups, and (hold your noses...) disgustingly smelly things!

Part of the Uncle John's Bathroom Reader For Kids Only series, this illustrated edition features such topics as - The World's Smelliest Ghosts - The Founding Father who Farted Proudly - A Mama Mutt that Adopted a Human Baby - South Africa's Snake Girl - The Abominable Crustacean - Cleopatra's Beauty Tips - An Artist Who Sculpts with Toenail Clippings, Plus...riddles and jokes, quotes and quizzes, brainteasers, word-origins, and much, much more!

Uncle John's Smell-O-Scopic Bathroom Reader includes story lengths to fit any attention span (or accommodate any duration of Throne Time)--"short" (one page), "medium" (two pages), and "long" (three to five pages)--and they're all fun, informative, and educational. Warning: If you drink milk while reading this book, it may come out of your nose.

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This book is chock full of trivia guaranteed to keep any child interested for hours on end. From typical bathroom humor to information about weird and wonderful anomalies in nature, this book has something for everyone. My seventh grader was immediately engrossed and kept saying the things he was reading were "cool" or "hilarious." This book would be a useful tool for home school parents or school teachers who want to hook their students with odd facts preceding a history or science lesson. I highly recommend it.
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