The Snowy Owl Scientist (Scientists in the Field)

The Snowy Owl Scientist (Scientists in the Field)
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April 19, 2022
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Are the snowy owls in trouble? Venture into the Alaskan arctic and the summer realm of these predator birds to find out. Discover the diverse species necessary to owl survival, how climate change is affecting the landscape of their nesting site of past millennia, and what it takes to do field research in this action-packed addition to the award-winning Scientists in the Field series.

It's July on Alaska's North Slope, and scientist Denver Holt is in Utqiagvik surveying nests. Denver has been coming here since 1992, and the snowy owls he studies have been coming here much longer: thousands of years.

With its mix of coastal, low-elevation tundra and a rich presence of lemmings, the North Slope is the only area in Alaska where snowy owls regularly nest. How do snowy owls decide where they will nest? How do they manage to arrive at locations where food will be abundant? What drives the success of these delicate tundra ecosystems? These are the mysteries Denver is trying to solve to help ensure a bright future for these elegant hunters.

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A Trek Across an Arctic Tundra
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THE SNOWY OWL SCIENTIST by Mark Wilson is a fascinating exploration across Alaska's North Slope with scientist Denver Holt who is observing and studying the Snowy Owl. This book is as much about the snowy owl as it is about the scientist and surrounding town. Told through full page, color photos and the eyes of the photographer, this nonfiction book unfolds like a conversation, drawing readers in and piquing their curiosity.

What I Enjoyed:
I love the writing style Wilson employs here. Instantly I was drawn into a day in the life with Denver Holt. It was like I was there with Wilson, experiencing and witnessing all that he depicts in the book. This story is nonfiction, however it will draw readers of fiction too. Thoughtfully laid out, Wilson makes it easy to find the information you are looking for on the Snowy Owl and their habitat. I love the inclusion of culture in the book as the author includes the indigenous people of the area, their customs and celebrations. Complete with an index and glossary, this book will make an excellent reference in any home/classroom library.

Final Thoughts: THE SNOWY OWL SCIENTIST will engage readers while teaching them about the snowy owl, their habitat, and the people of the nearest town who celebrate it.
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