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The Selection had one of those qualities where you pick up a book, read a few chapters, then tell yourself you will stop after a few more. And a few more. And a few more. And a few more, just until you’re finished. I can’t pinpoint exactly the ‘why’ this happens, it just does. But it could definitely be attributed to (for me, anyway):

-Plot. This book is categorized as a dystopia and romance, but other than the caste system, and a government/royalty ruling over a country, and rebels, The Selection is not as much a dystopia as a romance. But that was all right with me. The romance part of it was just so sweet, and the story was written in such a way I just got wrapped up in it.

-Love triangle. I really enjoyed the love triangle. Say what you will about love triangles, the love triangle in The Selection really worked for the good here. It added more complexity to the plot and characters, not to mention that the love interests in the love triangle are swoon-worthy characters! Maxon’s sweet and caring nature is really cute, and Aspen’s ‘protecting the damsel’ thing works for him too (although I’m Team Maxon).

-Characters. America was a strong female lead, though she has her faults. She comes off as a bit whiny in some parts, and her confusion between Aspen and Maxon was also a bit annoying some times, but overall she was a good protagonist.

At the end of the book, I was dying to know more. Luckily for me, the second book, The Elite was released by the time I started reading The Selection, so I didn’t have to wait long to jump on the next book! If you like romance in a dystopian setting, love triangles, and an unputadownable (even though that’s not a word) book, The Selection is definitely a recommended read!
Good Points
-Sweet romance
-Good characters
-Great plot
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