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The gang killers
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The OutSiders                                                                                               S,e Hinton                                                                                                                                                                                                      The Gang Killers                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   The story begins with ponyboy getting jumped by a gang named the socs, who one of their member was a guy named bob and they beat him up until the gang came and rescued him. The Greasers Are ponyboy and the gang. After that a kid named Johnny was getting beat up by the socs and the gang rescued him. Johnny was only 14 years old and he already had a gang. One day Johnny, Pony, and Dally went to the movies, the socs appeared and the were looking for trouble, they got into a big rumble Bob had Johnny in the water fountain drowning, so Johnny took out his knife and stabbed him, bob was killed. The police started chasing them, so they had to run away Dally have Johnny and Pony a gun, new clothes, and money he gave this because he knew they were going to need it. When they were there, they were smoking and they left the cigarette lit on the floor. When they came back from they re  walk the church was on fire Johnny knew it was his fault so he went inside and rescued the kids after that when he was leaving a big piece of wood that was of fire fell on his back. When Johnny had woken up he was at the hospital. Dally robbed a store because he felt bad of Johnny death and he just did it on purpose to throw his life away. The rumble had started and Dally left the hospital to help out the greasers in the rumble. The greasers had won the fight Dally had died. I recommend this book for teens 13+ because it has a lot of violence. I rate this book 4 out 5.                                                        

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