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what about the outsiders
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Reader reviewed by taylor


This book was awesome. I loved how it went into detail. Allot of people should read this book. When they did all of this it was so cool. This book is like so perfect for me. If you are a person that likes to read only some books and the books have to grab you into the book this is the book for you.

I usually dont like books and I loved this one I didnt even like the book twilight I am trying to get to a good part and I am slow though. So I would most likely suggest this book to you. And I do not lie to people I promise. How pony boy got mugged and they said that his friend did they explained it all but not to the point where it got boring. Maybe one or two parts got a little bit boring.

Ok about the book. Come one why did Johnny have to die. And why did they have to do through this rough time. I feel so very sorry for them. It sucks that there parent died. But where did they come up with these names for these people. I do not like how sad this book was.

This book was good. But why do you have to make people or characters you love die even dally died. I personally loved this book. Except for some of the down sides to it. Why do people have to die in books? It is just too sad.

I wish they went more in depth at the end of the book. About what had happened to their parents anything about them except for how they got killed by a train. I wish that none of these characters had died it would have made it a better book.

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