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This is a book filled with magic and mystery. It was both riveting and mind blowing. The author so intricately describes the circus and the story that you feel part of the dream. The story line was enchanting and extraordinary. Mystery, suspense, romance, and tragedy all wonderfully stitched into on book.

Celia Bowen is brought to her father, Prospero the Enchanter, at a very young age where her talents are discovered. He begins to teach her how to use and control these powers for a challenge his friend, Alexander, and him have set up. Alexander, or the man in the grey suit, has taken on a boy, Marco, for the upcoming challenge. They are both rigorously trained day in and day out. Although neither are really sure what they are training for, they pour themselves into their studies to please their instructors. Plans are drawn up, people are involved, and before you know it a circus is up and running. This is not just any plain old circus; no this is a circus of dreams. It goes beyond your wildest imaginations and further still. It is the chosen venue for the challenge to commence. Marco is placed in the service of Chandresh Lefevre, the proprietor of the circus, and becomes his ever faithful assistant. During one of the interviews for the circus’ illusionist, Marco discovers his opponent for the challenge and slowly plots his first move. Since he is incapable of following along with the circus, he places a spy, Isobel (a tarot reader madly in love with Marco) on the inside to keep tabs on Celia’s every movement. As the circus grows and tent after tent rises up from the dust, so does their love for one another. They feel a strong connection to each other that neither one can resist; not to mention they seem to balance one another. Little do they know they are bound to a losing game. They are faced with tragedy and deception along their journey. They make life long friends and wondrous memories as the challenge progresses. Though who will be left standing in the end? Who will win this unknown challenge? What will their choices mean for others?

Although I thoroughly enjoyed this book, I can see where this can be a challenge for others. I enjoy a book that can transport me into the story. Yet, a lot of readers may feel that the descriptiveness in the book took away from the story. I felt quite the opposite. I loved the detail the book provided. It really allowed me to picture the authors vision. I also enjoyed the different perspectives throughout the book since it gave me the opportunity to actually get a feel for each other the characters. I highly recommend this to anyone with an open mind. It really was a fascinating story. Though if you are not a reader who enjoys long drawled out details in a story, this is not a book for you to settle on.
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July 27, 2013
I might have to read this one next time I'm feeling like a good fantasy. Great review :]
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