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Where to begin with City of Bones... It has a wonderful plot, setting, and in addition it has great, developed characters. It has a very strong topic and made the characters seem realistic instead of just CHARACTERS. They seemed like real people. The plot is mainly about Clary, a young 16 year-old girl trying to save her mom from the evil demons ruled over by Valentine, an ex-Shadowhunter. This whole phenomenon starts at the Pandemonium Club when Clary sees something suspicious with her friend Simon. She follows the sources of the crime and they vanish into thin air. The next day something terrible happens to Clary's mother--she is kidnapped and gone without a trace, except for the fact that she put up a very good fight in attempt to escape. Shadowhunters Jace, Isabelle, and Alec visit Clary and tell her that she is also a Shadowhunter, a people who are direct descendants of the angel Raziel's blood. They live on an invisible island protected by one of their many runes, or symbols. They have Institutes worldwide and are ruled by a very strict Covenant written by the Clave. Of course at first Clary does not believe them but soon enough she runs into her first demon. It is then that Clary accepts her gift/curse and puts it to good use. Will they accomplish what they came for? What will happen next?

This first book was GREAT! There was NEVER a boring part in the book. I would highly recommend it to teenagers who are fans of the Percy Jackson series! Luckily for you there are four more books to read and book 6 comes out next year! This book is definitely worth reading. It leaves you entranced in the world of the Nephilim.
Good Points
- Great plot
- Suspense
- Great for teenagers who like fantasy, Percy Jackson, or paranormal topics
- Characters are very well developed
- Cassandra Clare had an amazing touch to make this book what it is now
- Now a major motion picture
- Keeps you reading until the very end
- Not a single boring page (action-packed)
- Make even the bad characters seem good, so that means you can not tell who is right.
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