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The Memory Key is unlike anything I’ve read before.

It is a Dystopian, but it doesn’t feel like a dystopia. It’s as if it could be happening in your town, with your family and friends.

As much as it is science fiction, it’s equally real. And this type of dystopia, the more believable one, scares the daylights out of me.

This world in The Memory key, a future world where a progressive form of Alzheimer’s has spread throughout most of the population and is only controlled with a device implanted inside your skull, is terrifying. It could happen. Something like this could happen today.

And that’s probably why I loved this book so much. It was realistic in a way that wasn’t overdone. It was subtly real.

Lora (LOVE HER NAME. OMG) is a likable character, even when it is hard to like her. She has some tough decisions to make and you just have to sit back and hope she makes the right choice.

Along with her father, her best friend, and an array of interesting characters, there is always something going on. It isn’t like other books I’ve read that have meaningless story fillers to pass the time between important events. Everything was important events. It all mattered.

I love all the flashbacks, even though sometimes it was hard to tell that Lora was having a flashback.

I loved that the romance wasn’t the main focus. It was backstage to the main event, and that’s okay.

I got caught up in the politics and the medical world and needed to figure out the mystery!

A quick, easy read that definitely made me think outside of the box. The Memory Key isn’t something I will forget for a long time. As interesting as it is puzzling, this is a book to pass on to everyone!
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