The Last Kids on Earth and the Monster Dimension (#9)

The Last Kids on Earth and the Monster Dimension (#9)
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November 07, 2023
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The last kids may have escaped the forbidden fortress by the skin of their teeth, but there isn't much to celebrate. Thrull has what he needs to complete the Tower, Rezzoch will most certainly come to Earth, and the world as they know it will cease to exist. Except Jack's Cosmic Hand is now even more powerful than he realized, and it might just be able to stop the inevitable from happening. To get the answers he seeks, he'll need to travel farther than he's ever been. He must go . . . to the monster dimension!

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Fresh from their adventures in The Last Kids on Earth and the Forbidden Fortress Jack, Quint, and June are busy riding in the world's largest mall on the back of a Mallusk. They are on their way to the Tower, but are halted for a week by Thrull's army of skeletons. Even though Jack has the Cosmic Arm that will enable him to command Ghazt's army of zombies, he is struggling to understand how the control works. When Neon and Globlet show up, the kids are very glad, especially when they share the news that there are humans in a stadium in New York City. They travel there only to find that the humans are being kept in spheres, safe but imprisoned, and that the area around the city is devastated. They also see the Tower, which powers on. A door to another dimension opens, and Jack is sucked in. He has to fight Wracksaw and his goon platoon, and is knocked unconscious. Luckily, Quint and Globlet have followed him through the portal and save him. They all need to go to the Hidden City and find Shuggoth, but there are different rules and creatures in this new monsters dimension. They have to fight off Strayfurs, but snag a ride on a clumberthod, which is highly illegal. It doesn't help that Globlet steals the clumberthod's wallet! The group has all mannet of adventures on their way, but eventually have to face Wracksaw and Thrull. Stargrove is a big help, and Quint has been building a conjurer's canon, but is eventually attacked by masses of Wracksaw's rodents. The group realizes that Stargrove is undead, and creating more undead creatures. Luckily, Jack starts to understand how to operate the Cosmic Arm in order to control this army. Will Jack be able to get back to his own dimension in time to stop Thrull from bringing Rezzoch the Ancient, Devourer of Worlds back to Earth, thereby obliterating it? There's at least one more book to help answer these questions and complete this epic, dystopian saga.
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The Last Kids on Earth series started in 2015, and has been a popular choice with young readers. There's lots of adventure, illustrations of a variety of monsters, and a host of spin offs, like a Netflix series, toys, a video game, and The Last Comics on Earth, a graphic novel version that includes brand new stories, which came out in April 2023. While many of the monsters are a bit on the goofy side, there is a decided feeling of fear and tension as well. Sure, the world may be ending and monsters may be attacking, but don't forget that all of the parents are out of the picture, so there's also some video game playing and forbidden snacks!

I have to admit that I had some trouble following the pell mell style of adventures, the onslaught of characters with quirky names, and the frenetic pace of traveling through other dimension on a variety on giant monsters, but my students seem to reread these frequently, so have no trouble keeping up with the adventures of Jack and his crew. The only problem with this series is that the paper-over-board covers wear out quickly from all of the rereading!

Readers who want somewhat goofy, action-packed adventures like Kloepfer's Zombie Chasers, Winnick's Hilo series, and Doom's Day Camp by Joshua Hauke will be thrilled to know that there will be at least one more book is this beloved series, because things are certainly not resolved at the end of this newest installment!
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