The Eyebrows of Doom

The Eyebrows of Doom
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March 29, 2022
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While sweeping his cave one day, a bear named Dave meets two slugs covered in fuzz who look curiously like eyebrows—and they cause hilarious trouble wherever they go!

A bear named Dave is sweeping his cave one day when two slugs, covered in fuzz, emerge from the dust pile and announce that they are THE Eyebrows of Doom. Suddenly, Dave feels the urge to do something unkind, so he crashes through a fence at the nearby campsite and eats all of the campers’ food and knocks down their tents. The evil Eyebrows then find a young girl named Molly, who smushes her ice cream all over her grandfather. But when the Eyebrows try to disrupt things at the zoo, they get a big surprise!

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The Eyebrows of Doom is a super silly book written in verse about two clumps of hair that call themselves the eyebrows of doom. In the midst of sweeping, Dave, the bear, is confronted by the eyebrows of doom. It doesn't take long for Dave's demeanor to change and now he is driven to do something unkind. Dave wreaks havoc on campers by jumping on their tents and eating their food. It's time for the eyebrows to move on to their next victim. Next up is a seagull who poops on some beach-goers and then little Molly who is mean to her grandfather.

When the eyebrows go to the zoo, they cause chaos. The zookeeper, John, and Dave, the bear, chase the eyebrows of doom until they end up in Edna Elephant's nose. In the blink of an eye, she sneezes them out and the eyebrows end up in the ocean. The animals rejoice that the eyebrows of doom are gone, but are they really gone?

The illustrations in this book display the talent of Miguel Ordóñez, an award-winning illustrator. In particular, I enjoyed the illustrations of the eyebrows running around the zoo. It felt like you could trace their movements on the page.

The Eyebrows of Doom is a book that will appeal to children, especially those that like a good poop joke. In addition, it is an excellent learning tool for teachers when it comes to discussing emotions with their students.
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