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The C Word Review
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Oh, boy. Where to start… Like the first two books, I absolutely loved The C World. The authors have done such a good job at bringing real issues to life in a beautiful way. Each has had it’s own theme or problem that the characters deal with, but overall it’s about finding acceptance in oneself.

This story was a lot more emotional, in my opinion. Both characters are “broody,” and there is a lot of internal dark thoughts. While I’ve personally struggled with what the other characters face in this series, I haven’t ever had Addison’s experience. I think that’s why it hit me a little harder than most of the others. It’s an awful situation that I can only imagine. After two other books, I’m attached to these characters, and I don’t like to see my precious babies hurting. The sensitive subject was very well handled, though.

Julian was the more relatable one for me in this book. I’ve loved the “loner” since book one, and it was great being able to finally get inside his head. There were so many times, especially when he was thinking or talking about writing, that I thought, “Oh my gosh, is that me?” It was great! I loved seeing him grow as a character, both of them for that matter. And, of course, I got more of my precious Becks, who I somehow love even more now. I didn’t think that was possible.

This series was so so good (understatement)! I’m sad it’s over, but each book ended well. It’s definitely a re-read in the future/buy all the physical copies series. The characters were all written in a realistic, relatable way that really puts the reader into the story. I cannot wait for Becks book this fall!! I will absolutely continue reading both authors. If you like sweet contemporaries that deal with real issues, definitely check out these books.

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Good Points
- Excellent ending to the trilogy
- Well written and relatable
- Emotional and heartfelt
- Wonderful characters
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