The Brothers Flick: The Impossible Doors

The Brothers Flick: The Impossible Doors
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October 11, 2022
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Sherlock Holmes meets the Wayside School in this Middle Grade supernatural sleuthing graphic novel about the Flick brothers - four siblings searching for explanations to outbreaks of supernatural strangeness and otherworldly weirdness in their Edwardian-era hometown.   

A bump in the night? They're on the case! At Strander House, things are…weird. There’s an ogre wedged in the closet, and you have to be careful not to slip on the leak coming from the ocean in the attic. What’s possibly weirder than the fact that you can walk into the bathroom and end up in next Tuesday are the four brothers who investigate these strange supernatural occurrences…the Brothers Flick! Leo, Desmond, Remy, and Cub seek to get to the bottom of every shadow you swear you saw move. If they happen to stumble upon answers to the mysterious disappearance of their own family along the way, all the better.   For fans of  Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, Gravity Falls, Whispering Pines, the Hardy Boys, the Winterhouse series, the Greenglass House series, and the Wayside School series!

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Paranormal Mystery at its best
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The Brothers Flick: The Impossible Doors by Ryan Haddock is a middle grade graphic novel about a four brothers who live at an orphanage solving the strange and mysterious things that happen there. Each chapter is a complete, standalone adventure for Leo and his brothers while still keeping an overall theme. Each brother is unique in their abilities and what they bring to the book. Desmond Cole is the one that fills in the gaps, the so-called manager of the brothers. Leo is the detective and main character. Remington is the a genius inventor and also deaf. It took a bit for me to realize this because it is in graphic novel form, but I love how the authors and illustrators represented him and sign language. Cub is the baby and doesn’t do much but add some cuteness to the story.

I really enjoyed how each chapter was a different adventure. It kept the plot moving. For kids who have shorter attention spans, these individual chapters will keep them engaged in the story longer. The paneling and art help to tell the story as much as the text itself which is one of the things I love most about graphic novels. This one does this very well. Keen eyes will pick up on clues to the chapter’s mystery, and others will simply enjoy the extra details.

Overall I enjoyed The Brothers Flick: The Impossible Doors. I love supporting indie published authors and even more so when they are local. Imagine my surprise when I realized this one is both. Highly recommend this one for fans of paranormal adventures who like a little mystery and found family.
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