Strum and Drum: A Merry Little Quest

Strum and Drum: A Merry Little Quest
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October 04, 2022
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A pair of Christmas tree ornaments set out on the merry adventure of a lifetime in this imaginative picture book about the inner lives of holiday decorations.

All is quiet in the forest as the Great Star rises in the distance, and two little musicians, Strum and Drum, wake up from a deep slumber and set out to make the most joyous music they can! But as Strum strums his guitar and Drum drums her drum on their way to the North, some mysterious obstacles fill their paths . . . flickering lanterns, bubbles of glass, a silver waterfall, a tiny house, dangerous animals . . . and a wooden man with a toothy grin warns them of a beast with green eyes lying in wait. For this is no ordinary forest — it's a Christmas tree, on Christmas Eve, and Strum, Drum and all their new friends are ornaments! But when the green-eyed beast strikes and sends them tumbling out of the “forest,” Strum and Drum’s quest to reach the Great Star seems doomed . . . until a little boy setting out milk and cookies for Santa spots them.

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When Strum and Drum wake up from a deep slumber, they decide to do what they do best and that's creating beautiful music. As they set forth on their adventure, they're warned to not be too loud or else the Great Beast will get them. But Strum and Drum continue to play because it's what they love. However, they soon find themselves in a scary predicament that requires someone else to save them.

STRUM AND DRUM: A MERRY LITTLE QUEST reads like a Christmas fairytale with a unique ending. Throughout the entire story, I wondered where they were heading or where the twist was. I was pleasantly surprised once I reached it and discovered what the Great Beast was. This brought a smile and a laugh to my daughter's face and it's a creature we didn't guess. The illustrations are simple yet cute with shading for details. The whole plot reminds me of a myth or legend one would pass on and a Christmas story that's unlike any other.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to fans of holiday stories and those looking for different ones. I love the twist ending and hope you will too because I never saw it coming.
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