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October 03, 2023
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This tender picture book follows a girl who is told she is too intense, too sensitive, too much. She's told to grow a thicker skin, but the words of others slip right through. They somersault around inside and press against her heart.

What can she do to stop the hurt?

She needs to take time alone to think and read, rest and create.

Thoughtful text, detailed collage illustrations, and an unexpected word puzzle combine in Sara Levine and Mehrdokht Amini's moving portrayal of a girl who discovers that what others call a weakness can also be a gift.

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What worked: How I wish this picture book had been around when I was a child! I love how the author shows readers that being sensitive is in fact a superpower.

The illustrations show how in the past and unfortunately even now, some use that word as an insult and a sign of weakness. With each taunt, the colors are dark. The young girl in the story is overwhelmed with all the negative taunts flung her way and I love how she takes those words and turns them into something new. The colors get brighter which symbolizes hope and peace.

As a former first-grade teacher I often heard these cruel taunts directed toward children on the playground during recess and lunch from those who viewed their sensitivity as less than. As a child, I also had these words thrown my way. More than a few times I was told to, "Grow a thicker skin", and even "You're just too sensitive".

What I loved about this picture book is how the author shows children how to redirect those words and look into the positive aspects. Being sensitive is in fact its own superpower. It also reinforces that feelings are real. There's strength in this message. One that needs to be out there.

Beautifully illustrated book that has a young girl turn ugly taunts on being sensitive into her own superpower.
Good Points
1. Beautifully illustrated
2. Great message on how being 'sensitive' is a superpower
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