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Reader reviewed by Alan H

I disliked the book remembering the good times because I couldnt get into the book. It would have been better if the friends would have more arguments and a fight about who has a better grade or who has a better life like Trav did. The beginning of the story wasnt very interesting either. It could have started out at a school or a gas station. A good example would be that buck was walking threw school not paying attention to what he was doing and knocked all her books down and then went to pick them up and she asked to be friends or he could have saw her walk by a gas station and ask if she wanted a coke. I think that would be a good intro.

The only thing I liked about the book was the two deaths of Scotty and Trav. Trav suicide because he didnt think everything in the world he did for his parents was perfect so he hung himself and Scotty was killed in a robbery at the Sunoco gas station. And another thing I liked about the book was the costumes Trav, Kate, and Buck wore to the dance. Trav wore a solider costume. Kate wore a faded pink dress and buck wore a raccoon jacket that was really old because it was missing patches of fur. The last thing I liked about the book is when buck fights Skeeter just to get his dads work hat back and he does.
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