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Reader reviewed by justin h

Remembering the Good Times is the title of this book. I really do not like this book al all. I guess that is just my opinion, I hated the book. I just dont like the feeling of people killing them selves. Most of the book never caught my interest. The only reason I am reading this book is because I have to for school. But in a sense I am glad that the teacher made us read this book because any one can really learn a lesson about this book. The lessons that this book teaches us is that friendship is very important to everyone. I dont think that any one can survive with out friendship. Honestly I absolutely did not like this book, but any one of you might like this book just is not my kind of book. I am into more of like hunting and adventure and sports books. If you are the kind of person that likes strange friendship books and total drama and all of that stuff then this definitely the book for you. I also hate how Kate is so possessive and makes buck like quit the football team. She practically pulled buck off of the field. I also dont like when Travis kills himself that they dont even have a funnel for him in the sane town. His parents hold the funnel in a way far away place where he liver previously. But one of the few parts about the book is Rusty Hazelfield. I like her because she has a mind of her own. She also dresses strange and funny
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