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Reader reviewed by Shay D

Remembering the Good Times

This is a touching and meaningful book story of three friends- Kate, Buck, and Trav. They share a bond like no other. Everything is going jolly in Kates and Bucks minds, but, for Trav, it is different.
Maybe he felt like life was not going anywhere for him or he was not worth living. I think that he has it all going for him; he just did not know how to do more for others and himself.
Many kids and adults every day commit suicide every year. Something is wrong with their life and they dont know how to deal with it.
I quote from the book- & suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. &one suicide can lead to more.
Why is that? Maybe more people think that since another person ended their problems easily, they can too. Then, after awhile, more and more people commit suicide. It really is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. So why would someone end their life? All problems evolve eventually, but once you are dead, you are dead for good. You hurt everyone who ever cared about you and you influence other to take their lives as well.
I think that anyone who loves a true reality story about real life situations should read this book. Also if you are thinking of taking your life, you should read this to realize how it would impact people who care about you. Maybe you would realize that more people care about you than you think.
I believe that suicide is not the option and I wish I could do something to help those who feel it is their only option.
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