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Tally is now pretty.  A beautiful girl with perfect hair, perfect teeth, and a perfect body.  However, there is actually something wrong with her.  Not just her, every person that has turned pretty due to the operation given to everyone after they turn 16.  They all have brain lesions.  After Tally meets someone and gets a letter in the mail and 2 pills to make the lesions go away, Tally takes them and soon starts feeling normal.  What will happen in the rest of "Pretties?"  One things for sure, it will be exciting!

I loved this book!  It gets the reader so involved, and I love the way its written.  It gives you a different view of the world and helps you see what we are like in a different way.  The characters are easy to get attached to you, and it is so adventerous that you feel like you are right there with them!  I definitly suggest this book!
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