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An odd bookBeth
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About a guy, Cal, who has the unusual job of searching out a capturing vampires that he has infected by sleeping with them. Most of the book, he is searching for Morgan, the person who infected him with the vampire creating parasite. Has a lot of facts about parasites at the beginning of each chapter. He meets Lacey, who hears his wild story and decides to help him find Morgan. Together they are a great team and are able to expose and change the way that people think about the parasite-because as he points out by citing a good parasite, there are postive things about parasites too.

I had a hard time getting into this book because the back says that it is about vampires-not my thing when it comes to subjects I like to read about. The vampire thing was really subtle though. I liked the twists that I didn't expect coming in the book-don't want to give away the ending, but I did not expect it at all. I really enjoyed learning about the different parasites and how they live-Cal includes this before he tells each part of his story.
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