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Latin American Monster Stories
(Updated: August 04, 2022)
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What worked: I'm a huge fan of short story anthologies, including ones that include Latinx monster tales. This anthology is a collection of fifteen shorts that are filled with stories of vampires, werewolves, zombies, and much more!

Here are a few of my favorites:

SUGARY DEATHS by Lilliam Rivera A girl's hidden strength takes off guard those who take advantage of local girls.

THE NIGHINGALE AND THE LARK by Chantel Acevedo. A Latinx paranormal twist on Romeo and Juliet only, in this case, the real monsters might be closer than you think.

DONDE ESTA EL DUENDE? by Jenny Torres Sanchez where a visitor unleashes a monster who feeds on memories.

DISMEMBERED by Ann Davila Cardinal. A grieving girl's grandmother's final gift comes literally from the grave.

THE BOY FROM HELL by Amparo Ortiz. Sometimes the real vamp isn't who you might think it is.

There's other tales that bring Latinx paranormal urban legends to life. A boy finds out the hard way that maybe he should have listened to his mother's warnings. A girl's trip back to her mother's native home reveals much about not only herself but her mother's deep depression.

Each story has an illustration that gives readers a glimpse of the horror in each tale.

Creepy, haunting collection of Latin American monster tales that are sure to stay with the reader. Highly recommended for those who love paranormal horror short stories with diversity.

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1. Creepy, haunting collection of Latin American monster stories
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