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OMENS BITE is an engaging YA fantasy sequel that picks up where the first book left off, following twin sisters, Mercy and Hunter. After the events of the first book, the sisters are dealing with their grief of losing their mother, their fear of the gates being opened, and the rift between them created when they tried to figure things out on their own. Hunter has given up her deity at Mercy's urging, and she feels adrift and angered. She is being pursued by a goddess whose means seem questionable at best.

Mercy is trying to fix the gates on her own, a monumental task, and she soon meets a gatekeeper from the other side, Khenti, who quickly becomes a friend. As their relationship grows and she works to find solutions to the gate problem, she finds herself in an even more difficult position - but will Hunter be willing to forgive and help her when she needs it most?

What I loved: This book really tackles the complexity of family relationships and particularly sisterhood. Mercy and Hunter's relationship is evolving without their mother and give their history. This felt really genuine and remains a strong part of the story - it is not always easy with family, but they are protecting themselves and trying to grow in their own ways, but hopefully with a mind on the other.

Other themes around being different, self-defense, morality, fragile masculinity, friendship, and navigating an uncertain world make this a really engaging story. There is a lot that happens during the book, and the alternating points-of-view between Mercy and Hunter help tell the story well. Their paths have divulged in this story, and each is following their own path towards their futures. The magic is a part of them, their family history, and their future, and I love the way the Salem history was brought to something new in this series. This is definitely a series I am interested in continuing.

Final verdict: With intriguing themes and a fast pace, OMENS BITE is an engaging sequel to a fascinating story of sisters, magic, and destiny.
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