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My Soul to Keep
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My Soul to Keep is much different than the previous two books. It’s darker and more serious. Of course, Kaylee’s need to save people is still going strong, but this time it’s actually people she knows. Her relationship with Nash also changes. While in the last book their hormones were raging, Nash didn’t push Kaylee to go further, but this time around he’s not so patient. He actually uses his influence to try to get her to say yes, and says a few horrible things to convince her. But Kaylee’s a smart girl and doesn’t fall for it.

Anyway, this time the plot deals with drug use. Well, technically it deals with addiction to Demon’s Breath, which is probably worse than most human drugs. Kaylee has once again taken it upon herself to save her classmates from impending insanity caused by the “drug,” dragging a reluctant Nash with her. While I admire Kaylee for standing up for what’s right and doing what she can to help others, I’m starting to feel a little bad for Nash since he never seems to want to get tangled up in these Netherworld problems, but feels obligated to in order to keep Kaylee safe. He does know an awful lot more about the paranormal world than she does. But in this book you can definitely sense the strain this is putting on their relationship, or it something else? Kaylee has no idea just how deep her boyfriend is involved in all this…

While I was suspicious of one of the major plot reveals, I was still shocked when it came out. Poor Kaylee! And dammit, Tod! Even though it’s not totally his fault, I just wanted to say it. :P But seriously, the ending of this is a serious page turner. I couldn’t believe some of things that happened, and in my eyes Nash is completely unforgivable. Not necessarily, nonredeemable, but definitely unforgivable! I’m nervous to find out what the Netherworld has in store next for Kaylee.
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