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(Updated: April 26, 2023)
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What worked: Fast-paced intergalactic romp through outer space. This Sci-Fi twist on Bonnie and Clyde is an exciting adventure with endearing criminals you can't help but root for.

There are lots of themes addressed here. Corruption, pride, and greed along with standing up for the rights of innocent civilians. Economic exploitation is shown in harsh detail with those who have money benefiting under a dome with artificial sunlight and warmth while others are exploited. The action is riveting and reminded me of Star Wars' intergalactic fights against evil regimes.

The author brings up PTSD with Shane after his imprisonment on a moon. More than a few times Ava mentions how he changed since being in prison. The chemistry between these two flirts between being more than just friends on the run. Then there's Cyrus who is a flight academy valedictorian with high hopes only to find the darkness within the ranks.

Good witty at times dialogue and great pacing!

Fans of a good action ride in the stars are sure to enjoy this novel.
Good Points
1. Fast-paced intergalactic Sci-fi
2. Sci-Fi twist on Bonnie and Clyde
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