Lupe Lopez: Rock Star Rules!

Lupe Lopez: Rock Star Rules!
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June 28, 2022
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When a sassy drummer starts kindergarten, the rules of school cramp her style. What’s a young rock star to do?

When Lupe Lopez struts through the doors of Hector P. Garcia Elementary in sunglasses with two taped-up Number 2 pencils—drumsticks, of course—poking from her pocket, her confidence is off the charts. All day, Lupe drums on desks, tables, and chairs while Ms. Quintanilla reminds her of school rules. Lupe has her own rules: 1) Don’t listen to anyone. 2) Make lots of noise. ¡Rataplán! 3) Have fans, not friends. But with her new teacher less than starstruck, and fans hard to come by, Lupe wonders if having friends is such a bad idea after all. Can it be that true star power means knowing when to share the spotlight? With its spirited illustrations and a simple text threaded through with Spanish words, this picture book is proof positive that being a strong girl moving to her own beat doesn’t have to mean pushing others away.

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cute picture book about starting school and being true to yourself
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LUPE LOPEZ: ROCK STAR RULES! is a cute picture book about adjusting to school and being true to yourself. Lupe is a rock star, and she knows everyone will see it - she is ready to begin kindergarten with flair, bringing her drumsticks and sunglasses to school on the first day. When she gets to class though, her teacher has her own rules. Lupe is determined to live by rock star rules, but when no one shows up to her fan club after school, Lupe begins to rethink her rules. The next day, she follows the classroom rules and feels pretty bummed, until she meets some friends. She learns that friends are better than fans, and finds a way to be a rock star - after school.

What I loved: This is a charming story about adjusting to a new school and learning new rules, while also being true to yourself. Lupe is learning to adjust to the school rules while also showing her inner rock star. What she learns is that she can follow the rules in school while also being true to herself outside of it. She also learns something about making friends. These are great lessons for children, particularly those who are exuberantly themselves, as they are starting school.

The writing is really approachable and cute with rock star rules making their appearance and revision. The illustrations are great, full of details capturing the emotions and story well.

Final verdict: A story about managing school and being true to yourself, LUPE LOPEZ: ROCK STAR RULES! is a fun picture book that will work well for children starting school for the first time.
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