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Turns Paranormal on its Ear in a Fun, Sexy Forbidden Romp
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I devoured this book in less than 2 days. It was amazing, gripping and FUN! You'll love how tempting this forbidden, paranormal love story is! A must read.
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I was completely pulled in by this one, I read it in 2 days flat (very fast for me). I'm still processing all the awesome, but I will say that this is one for the books. Ha! Jaime Reed takes the genre of paranormal and turns it on its ear in a refreshing and unapologetically sharp take on everything that makes up paranormal. Dabbling in urban fantasy, bookstore co-workers Samara Marshall and mysterious bad-boy Caleb Baker cook up one hot forbidden romance that draws out the paranormal aspect between the couple. At first, Samara makes it clear she is thoroughly disgusted by the perverse way Caleb interacts with girls. What she doesn't realize is that all other girls are unable to stop themselves with gross public displays of affection followed by ambulance visits and trips to the ER, or worse.

It's enough to raise a few eyebrows, for sure.

But, Samara is not one to shy away from fire. And, she's certainly one who gets singed as she draws closer to the mystery behind Caleb. Against her better judgment, Samara agrees to go out on a date with Caleb to an amusement park where the strange occurrences follow Caleb like a dark cloud with a looming bad omen. Will it turn out to be true? If you start reading this book, you'll definitely find yourself pulled in and gasping for breath.

I love Samara's friends and their similarly tragic on again off again love/hate couples just begging a reality show to be named after them. this was a great, quick read. I loved Samara's snarky yet likeable character. She's got a great voice that works well with this book. I think Jaime Reed did an amazing job of balancing the elements of the smoldering romance betweeen these two, and upping the stakes at every turn. There were numerous twists and turns that left me going WTF? and quickly turning the page to find out what the heck happens next.

Samara's conflict of not trusting the bad boys, and for good reason, is a great examination of what makes love so tempting, but in a funny, quirky, and modern take on the paranormal. You. Will. Love. It.

If you haven't read this one, it's a MUST READ! I'm going to go make sure I have all the other books in this series in my TBR pile, too. So, so good!!

Find out if Samara gets burned, singed, or thoroughly consumed by the love she's tempted to flirt with, fight for, and find the unexpected that is so perfectly what she needs, wants and hungers for in a relationship. You'll be captivated, too!
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