Little Fairy Can't Sleep

Little Fairy Can't Sleep
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September 15, 2011
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Faith, the little fairy, can't get to sleep. It's a lovely summer's night and magic is in the air, so she flies off to see who else is still awake.

Faith meets a mother fox and her young cubs, who can't get to sleep, an elf father whose children can't get to sleep, and the sandman who is filling sacks with magic dust to help children everywhere get to sleep. Finally the little fairy meets a moth-fairy prince who takes her to the source of the night's magic – a wonderful Midsummer Night's party – where she dances until she is so tired that she finally falls asleep.

This magical, dreamlike tale makes perfect bedtime reading.

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LITTLE FAIRY CAN'T SLEEP is a cute fairytale about having trouble sleeping. A little fairy is awake at night and cannot figure out why sleep is so elusive, so she heads out only to find that everyone else is having trouble sleeping too. Eventually, she learns that it is a midsummer's night party, which is why everyone is awake, and she dances until she cannot keep her eyes open.

What I loved: This is a cute picture book story about having trouble sleeping. As the fairy travels, she talks with the sandman and different animals to find out that others are having the same issues. The story is simply told through the brief conversations and elegant illustrations. The artwork captures the magic and whimsical nature of the story through a gentle style.

The text is written in white, which is really helpful against the dark blue backgrounds of night. It is relatively easy to read, typeset in paragraphs on each page spread.

Final verdict: A lovely story about feeling sleepless, LITTLE FAIRY CAN'T SLEEP is a gentle bedtime story that follows a fairy on a nighttime adventure.
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