Kid Review: A Very Big Fall by Emmy Kastner


About This Book:


In this picture book destined to become a fall classic, life as a leaf is pretty sweet! This charming and reassuring picture book about finding joy in change will be returned to again and again.
The weather is pleasant, the view is fine, and everything just feels fresh. But when autumn breezes begin to blow, adventurous Birch, nervous Oak, and grumpy Maple each have their own way of facing the new crispness in the air. 

The squirrels take pleasure in warning the leaves about the transformations to come: new colors! And more … an actual fall. But will the ground be the end? Or a new beginning? 

New situations can be scary but also thrilling, as three adorable autumn leaves, surprised by their turning colors and the promise of the fall to come, discover in this funny and heartwarming story, the perfect tool for any child who struggles with change.

*Review Contributed by Cherokee Chum, Staff Reviewer*


Super Cute


A Very Big Fall is a super cute book – the illustrations are so vibrant and adorable.
I liked how the author used the changing of the seasons, Fall (or Autumn) in this case, to learn about new experiences and embracing change.
I wasn’t fond of how it was the maple leaves that changed last, as in my experience (and a quick internet search to confirm), they are usually one of the firsts to change with oak being one of the last.
While not maybe 100% accurate, the story is written so young children can follow along and experience these new changes with the leaves.
A Very Big Fall is a cute addition to the library.


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