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Crossing a Crossroads
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JUST LIKE FATE has a lot to do with the consequences of the choices you make. The main premise of the story is that Caroline has to choose whether to stay with her dying grandmother, who she lives with, or to go a party and unwind. She hems and haws for a bit and then decides… to do both. At this point in the story it splits, alternating chapters being told by the Caroline who stays and the one who goes. This was done really well, and is just a really cool idea to begin with. At first I was a bit worried about being able to tell the two apart, but it ended up not being a problem. To begin with they were clearly labeled, and also the story took off in completely different directions, so the only parts that really got mixed up were minor.

This is a story that almost anyone can relate to in one way or another. You genuinely feel for Caroline, as well as the other characters. Each path she takes is equally well thought out and unforced. I particularly liked the end. It was very eerie, and at the same time enlightening and somehow comforting.

JUST LIKE FATE is a frightening look at how there really is no right answer, and there’s no going back, but in the end, you feel better about the world for some unexplainable reason.
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