Isabel and the Invisible World

Isabel and the Invisible World
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April 18, 2023
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Renowned physicist Alan Lightman, author of Ada and the Galaxies,turns his focus to light waves in a second story for children.

There’s only one gift Isabel wants for her sixth birthday: a way to see invisible things. She can hardly think of anything else! Finally, the day of her party arrives. Unwrapping a big box, Isabel finds a surprise inside—a glass prism—and a dazzling world of previously invisible color emerges, lighting up the room around her. What else could be out there, waiting for her eyes to discover? In simple, engaging language, complemented by luminous artwork from best-selling illustrator Ramona Kaulitzki, author and physicist Alan Lightman unveils the hidden world of light waves—the ones you can see and the ones you can’t. Back matter delves briefly into the subject of wavelengths, radio waves, and X-rays for readers curious to know more.

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Lights all around us.
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Isabel has always taken an interest in things that can't be seen, like the time her friend said she had an invisible pet rabbit. Her birthday is coming up and her parents are trying to figure out what to get her, but she can only think of one thing she wants. To see the invisible. So, her parents put their heads together and come up with a great idea. They surprise her with a prism that allows her to see all of the different colors surrounding us. Over the moon, Isabel feels like her wish has been answered.

ISABEL AND THE INVISIBLE WORLD delves into the minds of children and how their curiosity grows and grows. In the back of the book, the author goes into more detail about the light rays around us and how they're invisible to the naked eye. Inventions like prisms help people see them but it's crazy to think they're always there. The illustrations are cute and full of color thanks to the prism. After reading this book, my daughter wants one.

Final Verdict: This picture book will spark a child's curiosity and maybe even build their interest in science and the world around us. I would recommend it to children who enjoy learning or have a vivid imagination because this book will help it grow.
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