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I loved Inhuman! Kat Falls takes readers on a wild journey through lands infected with feral creatures.

Lane McEvoy has grown up in the safety of a walled land to the west, safe from the virus that has killed millions and turned some into wild creatures. When her father is caught in a compromising situation, Lane has no choice but to take action and travel to the other side of the wall into infected and dangerous territory. There she discovers truths she didn’t know and meets characters and creatures that change her life.

Inhuman was a crazy ride that never stopped and was full of suspense, action, a spot of comedy and a healthy dose of romantic development. Some parts of the story were predictable and some a little too crazy to believe, but overall I found those faults paled in comparison to its awesomeness. Lane was the lead and I liked her for most of the book. She didn’t act like the helpless girl but rather just did what she had to. There were also some lovable characters like Cosmo and let’s not forget the love interests that are Rafe and Everson. For me it was Rafe who stole my heart. I didn’t like his character at first but through the story we get to see him change and we get a glimpse of why he is the way he is. I really hope Lane ends up with him because he’s awesome *fangirling*. The ending made me want to scream. I mean why do books have to leave off with cliffhangers *grr*. Overall Inhuman is a quick fun read and a great way to pass the weekend. People who enjoyed Stung will surely enjoy Inhuman.
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