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Reader reviewed by Mason

A boy named Eragon is living a normal life in a small village called Carvahall. Carvahall is located in the Spine Mountain range. One day when Eragon was hunting in the Spine, an explotion rumbled through the mountains and a mysterious stone appeared with it. When Eragon tried to sell the stone, no one would buy it because they didn't know what it was. Little did Eragon know that inside the egg was a dragon that would change his life forever. Eragon soon found himself on a deadly journey with the village story teller and a newly hatched dragon.

I liked the book. The author uses some many details and describes everything so well. This book reminds me of Narnia because Narnia is about four kids who becomes friends with an animal and try to stop someone evil from righning over the land. I would recommend this book to any boys from 5th grade to 9th grade because it is a fiction book. I will read the second book in the series called Eldest.
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