I Love You, Cockatoo!

I Love You, Cockatoo!
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December 20, 2022
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A laugh-out-loud picture book that says I Love You no matter what!

"I love you, Cockatoo!" says Mama, Papa, and Aunt P.
But little Cockatoo isn't so sure.
What about when he disturbs Mama's morning bath, or wakes Papa up from a nap, or gets breakfast all over Aunt P's clean kitchen floor?

Some might consider Cockatoo a little bit naughty, but moms and dads will see a familiar concern: a need for reassuring love.

Perfectly capturing the energy and humor of an active child, I Love You, Cockatoo is for families who seek to strengthen a child's understanding of unconditional love through an entertaining and fun-to-read-aloud story.

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A Parent's Love and Frustration
(Updated: March 05, 2023)
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Little Cockatoo lives with his mom, dad, and aunt who always tell him how much they love him. However, sometimes they get mad or need space and this upsets little Cockatoo. He feels like they don't love him all of the time because of these outbursts. Of course they curve this thought as fast as they can by putting things into perspective.

I LOVE YOU, COCKATOO teaches children that even when parents get mad, they still love them. A parent's love is solid and not something that's transient. The illustrations are simple with little detail, yet are bold in color and pop off the page. The overall message resonates with all parents with younger children because we can't always be happy and perfect. Parents get frustrated too and this offers an explanation.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this all younger children aged four and up to teach them about emotions and family love, especially for those who like birds.
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