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Hidden by Sophie Jordan
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Having followed this series form the start, I was a little hesitant to read this book because I didn't want the series to end. I loved the first book and the second one sort of felt like a filler to me so I was a little nervous about this one. But once I began reading it, I knew I had nothing to worry about.
Hidden picks up right where the second novel in the series Vanish leaves off. Jacinda, Will, Tamra, and Cassian are trying to rescue Miriam from the Enkros before they can do any experiments or worse to her. Its obvious that Jacinda has grown since the first novel because she goes to help Miriam despite her feelings for her. She becomes the bigger person and does all she can to save her.
With this, the action begins soon as the book opens. I was on edge the ENTIRE time. I found myself upset because I had to put it down for sleep or work. Trust me when I tell you, the entire book is INTENSE. Throughout the whole thing I was feeling every type of emotion. I was upset, scared, excited; it was enough to give anyone an anxiety attack.
One thing I loved about the book though was the love triangle. Although it was "non-existent," Cassian and Jacinda are still bonded while Jacinda and Will are still in love. This is different from the "regular" love triangles, which is the reason why I liked it so much.
As the story goes on, it answers a lot of questions that Firelight and Vanish have put in place. Hidden is a thrilling conclusion to the Draki world and will definitely leave fans of the Firelight world satisfied. I look forward to Sophie's other YA books in the future!
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