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(Updated: February 29, 2016)
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The adorable and simplistic nature of this book promised fun within its pages, and I can't say I was deceived. I had tremendous fun reading this book, and know that it has the potential to be enjoyed by all ages!

What begins with the origins of a an outrageous character, Octi, an Octicorn, leads to a journey through what it is like to be different. Any child will see what Octi has to go through, and anyone slightly older might think of their own moments when they felt left out.

While the illustrations are not intricate or expansive on the page, they are funny. Though simple, Octi takes us from page to page with the same look of bewilderment and humor that makes this book a knockout! Small children will feel an interaction between the picture on the page and those a little older will take away a special message.

Octi says, "I know I look different than everyone else, but that's okay." And it is. This book will open up discussions with children that needs to be having about being different and how that really is okay!
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