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About the Author: Julie Bresette

Julie Bresette is a young adult fiction author. She often writes about hard things like the struggles of being a teenager, mental illness, and reckoning with forces outside of one’s control. Her stories focus on both the power of the unseen and that of close friends and family. While her characters are independent, they still find help when they need it. Readers can expect to feel empowered by her raw look at life and how not every story has a happy ending.

Julie lives with her husband and three children in the Kansas City, MO area. She finds solace in being open to the magic all around, especially in nature. In nature, she finds respite from her struggles with depression and anxiety. Her garden is an enchanted place where flowers grow, wildlife flourishes, and fairies feel welcome.
About the Book: What Blooms From Ash
In this gripping tale, a mirror reflecting two different struggles helps to create a roadmap to understanding and healing. “What Blooms From Ash” is a must-read for anyone who believes in the strength of the human spirit’s ability to move past pain and heartbreak.
Bound by a dark journey, Ash and Micah develop an unexpected bond that becomes a source of strength. Together, engaging in a world of their own, they bravely face their inner struggles, enabling them to confront reality and the possibilities that life can bring. As the story unfolds, they uncover the hidden beauty within themselves, ultimately discovering the transformative potential of embracing their vulnerabilities.
In their journey towards recovery, they realize that healing isn’t about fixing what’s broken but embracing their scars. “What Blooms From Ash” is a poignant novel about mental health, friendship, self-discovery, and facing tough realities. Join Ash and Micah as they navigate the complexities of relationships and the enduring power of human connection.
Title: What Blooms From Ash

Author: Julie Bresette

Release Date: February 6, 2024

Publisher: Red Cord Publishing

ISBN-13: 9798861217316

Genre: Mental illness, romance, contemporary, realistic fiction

Age Range: 13-18





Two (2) winners will receive a paperback copy of What Blooms From Ash (Julie Bresette) ~US Only!


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    I love both the premise and the front cover! I added it to my tbr. Thank you for sharing!

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